Shoulder Calcification

Shoulder calcification is a common disorder of the rotator cuff and is characterised by deposits of hydroxyapatite (a crystalline calcium phosphate) in the tendons of the rotator cuff (shoulder), causing pain and inflammation. Typically, it affects more women than men with the peak incidence being between 50 and 60 years of age.

The pain of shoulder calcification is felt over the deltoid muscle area around the shoulder and may spread down the arm towards the elbow or wrist. The pain can be made worse by lying on the affected side or by trying to elevate the arm.

Shock Wave Therapy & Shoulder Calcification

In the images below, on the left you can see the original calcification on a middle aged man and on the right the shoulder after four weeks of shockwave therapy.

shoulder calcification.

Shock wave therapy is used to induce fragmentation of the hard hydroxyapatite crystals. In some studies, 30 to 70% of patients obtained pain relief, while in 20 to 77% of cases the calcific deposit was reabsorbed or disintegrated. Other studies have shown that in 95% of treated patients, the treatment results have been good to excellent.

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