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Cure Pain Avoid Surgery.

Cure Pain – Avoid Surgery

Managing Pain With Shockwave Therapy

Being in physical pain effects every single aspect of our lives from going to work, meeting friends and family or concentrating the mind. Whether it is acute pain suffered through a sudden injury or a chronic pain that we have suffered over a prolonged period of time, we simply cannot enjoy a fulfilled and happy life. Pain detrimentally effects both our minds and bodies.

Very few people go through life without pain and as we get older and our bodies recover more slowly from injury, pain and doing ones best to manage pain becomes a way of life. All to often within the medical profession, the symptoms are treated with pain killers until inevitably the pain becomes too debilitating and surgery is the only real option.

But we are all different, some people suffer excruciating back pain, others struggle to walk with pain in the base of their feet or ankles, other have arm or shoulder problems that effect upper body mobility. Some suffer medical conditions which effect their nervous system. No one’s pain is the same, but many of the consequences of pain are similar. Pain tends to lead to less activity, which in turn leads to weight gain, interrupted sleep and people becoming more irritable or miserable, creating a vicious circle with more stress being put on the body, and a worsening of the condition, rather than recovery.

Many people who visit Shockwave Clinics Ltd do so having come to the end of their tether. They have been told their pain, ‘it is as good as it gets’ and have done the rounds with Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Physiotherapists and other professional clinics, but their problems persist.

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Shockwave Clinics Ltd and Pain

Shockwave Clinics Ltd mission is to cure or minimise pain and to accelerate healing and we have invested six figures sums in the most advanced medical  equipment in the world to allow us to do so.

All our practitioners have a history in traditional treatment methods and are now steeped in technological solutions that can reduce pain and accelerate healing in a fraction of the time that could have been done a few years ago.

There have been huge technological advances in the last decade, not just in mobile phones and computers, but also medical equipment that can heal and cure people in a way that wouldn’t have seemed possible in the past. At Shockwave Clinics Ltd, we have the largest, most powerful, and comprehensive range of shockwave machines and other technology, than any other clinic in the UK and many of our customers are amazed at the results that they have achieved.

To find out more and to book treatment please request a specialist clinician to call you back to arrange an initial assessment Tel: 020 8549 6666 or complete the Contact Form below.

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