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Amazing Shockwave Therapy

Extracorporeal Focused Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) is medically proven and endorsed by the National Institute of Heath and Care Excellence (NICE). It is a breakthrough medical treatment and has enabled us to heal many patients suffering long term chronic medical conditions, that have proved problematic with the traditional methods of Physiotherapy, Chiropractic or Surgery.

Patients who previously saw little or no improvement in their stubborn conditions, now enjoy a new lease of life thanks to Shockwave therapy’s extraordinary healing powers and our unparalleled clinical experience

Focused Shockwave therapy significantly reduces stubborn pain and substantially shortens recovery time, it has enabled many patients who have suffered from sporting injuries, body wear and tear and medical conditions effecting their movement, to resume a normal, active lives.

We have successfully cured people with long term, debilitating pain in their feet or lower body, sports induced injuries such as tennis and golfers elbow as well as back pain and post-surgery recovery.

Shockwave therapy is now recognised as the gold standard treatment for tendinopathy, tendonitis and bursitis.

All our shockwave treatments are undertaken by qualified medical professionals with many years’ experience as physiotherapists or chiropractors. They now blend their existing skills and expertise with the most advanced medical technology in the world.

Shockwave uses a technology which is up to 1000 times more powerful than standard ultrasound which is found in many physiotherapy clinics.

We are the only clinic in the country that has invested in a broad range of top end specialist focussed shockwave equipment across our clinics in Knightsbridge, Central London and Richmond in Surrey.

This regenerative technology uses sound waves which target the effected area of the body at a speed of 1500 metres a second, but with minimal discomfort.  The sound waves not only repair damaged tissue, tendons and bones, but also accelerates healing by stimulating the growth of new healing blood vessels, new nerve tissue and eliminate any scar tissue in the surrounding areas.

Our clients range from past members of the British Olympic team and celebrities through to ordinary pensioners in their eighties. We have enabled runners who never thought they would run, to run again; healed injuries that have caused discomfort for over a decade and brought back hope too people who had been told their pain and suffering was ‘as good as it gets’.


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Shockwave clinics Ltd is the leading shockwave clinic in the UK with the most advanced and comprehensive range of shockwave and complimentary technologies, including magneto transduction therapy and radio frequency.

For over 10-years we have been using Shockwave to treat numerous muscular problems caused by sports injuries as well as back pain, problems caused by invasive surgery and simple old age.