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How Shockwave Therapy Can Help You

We are physiotherapists who provide a comprehensive physiotherapy service, sports massage, personal fitness training and non-surgical treatment for chronic painful conditions using the latest development in shockwave therapy equipment – ultra focusing shockwave therapy source – a world first being more effective compared with conventional, point-focused shockwaves.

The revolutionary shockwave therapy can effectively treat and cure Tendonitis, Tendonopathy, Bursitis and many other conditions. We are the the first UK clinic to use TRUE Shockwave Therapy (TST) with the latest and best Swiss engineered equipment, unlike many other clinics using cheaper and inferior machines or radial shockwave.

TST is more focused, has deeper tissue penetration and is therefore more effective with fewer sessions, saving patients £100’s in fees for a superior result in a shorter time. We have treated thousands of patients with TST and the results speak for themselves. TST is:

  • Clinically proven with over an 80% success rate
  • A healthier alternative to having surgery and going under the knife
  • Totally drug free with no known side effects
  • Effective with stubborn and chronic injuries

Treatment is non-invasive, quick and effective, and has been deemed a safe treatment by the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (the body that determines best practice within the NHS). No anaesthetic is required, and the patient doesn’t face a lengthy rehabilitation.

If you have any questions about shockwave treatment, would like to have a free consultation, or wish to make an appointment for treatment, please contact us right away.

Please also take time to read our testimonials from patients who have had shockwave treatment with us.

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Our fees are competitive:
3 Treatments: Booking Treatments in Advance is Recommended and Saves Money
Single Treatments: Also Available


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Testimonials & Reviews

“Since 2008 I was suffering from a painful shoulder with irradiation to my arm. After 1.5 years of visiting a lot of doctors and specialists, the only alternative I had left was an operation. Then I heard about shockwave therapy, a relatively new and unknown treatment by a lot of specialists. I took my chance and I must admit it helped; just after 3 sessions, the pain was gone! I can move and work again pain free and the most important thing; NO OPERATION was necessary, which saves me a lot of pain, revalidation time and also important; money. I never thought I could have reached this result at such a short time with shockwave therapy, it really changed my life.” R.Cardoen

“I thought I would never move again, but after only four treatments I was back on the court playing a tennis match!” Ron Mitchel of ‘Tennisworld Equipment’

Leon Almashan

Shockwave Therapy Specialist - Neurological Physiotherapist

Nim Ragbir Chartered Physiotherapist.

Nim Ragbir

Chartered Physiotherapist & Sports & Remedial Therapist

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