Gout Shockwave Therapy

Gout is predominantly suffered by men over the age of 30, reaching a peak in those between 40 and 60.

As physiotherapists, we have historically helped people suffering from gout after they have consulted a doctor, by physiotherapy, creating an exercise programme to ensure that they keep their weight under control, and providing a list of foods to avoid that can exacerbate gout and which should be avoided.

New Gout Treatment

But now we can help gout sufferers with a new treatment that we believe will not just alleviate their symptoms, but get them back to normal and stop future episodes of this painful illness.

By using shockwave therapy on gout, we disrupt the uric acid crystals that are present in the synovial fluid, deposited within the joint tissues.

Shockwave also helps relieve pain associated with gout and stimulates new blood vessel formation, accelerating the body’s own natural healing process in inflamed tissue and encouraging speedy recovery from not just the pain, but swelling and redness too.

Most clients tell us that they enjoy immediate pain relief, and feel even better over the following days. Our standard shockwave gout procedure is three to four treatments though some clients may need a few more. An appointment usually lasts less than 30-minutes.

What Happens During Your Treatment

Your treatment will be undertaken by a therapist who as well as their shockwave expertise, are also qualified physiotherapists, and thus fully understand the various medical issues associated with your condition. They are also trained to ascertain your medical history to ensure that the therapy is appropriate for your condition.

We use the latest equipment and best technologies in shockwave. This state of art Swiss made equipment, has been developed after many years research into providing improved shockwave treatment. It provides ultra-focused shock wave therapy that is superior to radial shockwave used by many other practitioners.

To find out more, or to discuss this with us further please call, or arrange a free consultation.

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