Erectile Dysfunction Shockwave Therapy

Many men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction (E.D.) have vascular problems affecting the vessels that supply blood to the cavernous bodies of the penis. This results in an inadequate blood-flow followed by premature draining, of the reduced amount of blood, that has made it to the cavernous bodies. This results in a decreased ability to develop and maintain an erection.

Shockwave Therapy for E.D. of this type can be a highly effective treatment.

Why Shockwave Therapy Stimulates Blood Vessel in the Penis

For over 10-years, cardiologists have proven that shockwave technology works in stimulating the growth of new blood vessels, leading to an increased myocardial blood supply. The same shockwave therapy is now being used to similar effect on the blood vessels in the cavernous bodies of the penis. The shockwaves are focused onto the area to be treated creating new blood vessels in penile tissue, enabling patients to achieve and maintain firm spontaneous erections.

Recent research has that after a course of shockwave therapy men have enjoyed significant increases in the duration of the erections and penile rigidity. 1

The Shockwave Equipment We Use

We exclusively use Swiss engineered equipment, researched and made by Storz Medical. This has been developed in cooperation with well reputed medical institutions. Storz Medical’s physicians and engineers continue their research and development to improve Shockwave technology, especially in the treatment of E.D. and sexual impotence.

What Happens During Shockwave Therapy

You may have initial embarrassment, but this will soon wear off as we make you as comfortable as possible. You are welcome to bring your partner with you.

Low-intensity shockwaves are transmitted onto the treatment area, these accelerate the body’s self- healing process, stimulating the treated tissues to grow new micro blood vessels and result in improved erection performance.

The treatment lasts less than thirty minutes and is painless. You will feel a pulsing sensation and that is it. After a few sessions you should notice a big improvement and get hard erections with little pre-planning or stimulation…and you can say ‘goodbye’ to taking pills or using pumps.

Why Shockwave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction is So Effective

  • It treats the cause, not just the symptoms
  • Enables spontaneous erections (so no more forward planning!)
  • There are also visible results after a few treatments
  • 80% Success Rate
  • PLUS it is non-invasive and no medication is required

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