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Back pain shockwave therapy.

Back Pain Shockwave Therapy

Lower back pain is common and can affect people of all ages and is among the leading injuries that patients attend their local doctor for advice and treatment.

Once lower back pain advances to chronic or acute lower back pain, many patients then seek help from chiropractors, physiotherapists and other specialist back pain practitioners. They often find that pain makes them unable to undertake normal daily activities at home or at work.

Our objectives in using shockwave therapy to treat lower back pain in our patients is to:

  • Decrease the pain
  • Restore mobility
  • Hasten recovery so they can resume normal daily activities
  • Prevent development of reoccurring, chronic or acute lower back pain conditions
Back pain shockwave therapy.

What Happens During Shockwave Therapy for Lower Back Pain?

We will isolate the area that needs to be treated, then using our focussed shockwave equipment we will start sending gentle impulses to the area. Discomfort will be kept to a minimum and gradually the impulses will become more intense, although little pain will be felt and if it is it will gradually dissipate over a few days.

How Long Will the Shockwave Therapy Take to Work?

Generally, shockwave for back pain will resolve after three to four sessions, depending on your condition and how long you may have suffered with it, while early diagnosis can reduce the number of sessions needed.

It is important that you work with your physical therapist to ensure that you have an exercise regime and massage to ensure full recovery.

Shockwave Therapy & Lower Back Pain

Patients who have suffered from with lower back pain can often make a faster recovery and return to their day-to-day activities around the home or at work after undergoing shock wave therapy.

We are one of the few shockwave therapy specialist clinics in the UK with the expertise of treating back pain using the latest Swiss engineered focussed shockwave equipment and have found that focussed shock wave therapy in conjunction with physiotherapy is a very effective alternative to traditional treatment for lower back pain.